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Published Mar 05, 21
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Select 6 numbers from 1 to 49 to play in the Lottery draw. Six numbers will be selected at random as "winning" numbers, and a seventh is picked as the "Bonus" number. You are a winner if your numbers match at least three of the "winning" numbers. The 49s lotto is played twice daily and takes place at lunch break 12:49 GMT, teatime 17:49 GMT in summer season and 16:49 GMT in Winter daily.

What time is Teatime draw?

The second draw, known as the Teatime draw takes place 7 days a week from Monday to Sunday and is held in the early evening at 17:49 PM(UK) Time.

Most common Teatime numbers?

The most common Uk49s Teatime numbers are 37 and 46.

Most common UK 49s Lunchtime numbers?

The most common Uk49s Lunchtime numbers are 26 and 47.

Lunchtime draws likewise take place daily at 14:49 UTC, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You are to pick a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5 numbers and decide whether to consist of "Benefit" in your bet. If all the numbers you select appear in the draw then you are definitely a winner.

Keep in mind to select numbers with better odds. Signing up with a Syndicate will increase your chances of winning lottery prizes and the more you play the much better your chances. It is said that the world's most popular lotto number is 11, so keep that in mind when choosing your numbers. The last number drawn in the lottery draw is described as the "Perk Ball" (teatime results today).

Can Teatime Results Really Help

The UK Teatime lottery is one of the most popular and the biggest prizes in the UK and South America. It's reach is high and the approach is simple. The teatime results are unfolded at 5:49 p. m. GMT & lunch break outcomes are unfolded at 12:49 p (teatime results today). m. GMT. Even though the Teatime result timings may vary at times, the lunchtime result timings remain constant.

The list of hot numbers provides them a helping hand while selecting the numbers to Win the Prize. The UK49's teatime lotto is quite comparable to other national and worldwide lottos. Players have to pick 6 numbers and one booster number from the integer swimming pool of 1 to 49. It is elective to play 6 or 7 numbered draws, players are totally free to pick whichever draw they desire to play.

The numbers can be selected by hand or the lucky dip can likewise be used to choose the numbers. The prize winning depends upon the numbers matched from the numbers selected. teatime results today. If the gamer matches 5 numbers from the winning numbers in a 7 number draw then the reward is 40,000.

The Teatime Results Autopsy

If the gamer has a match of 4 winning numbers in the 6 number draw then the prize is 7,200 and for 7 number draw it is 3,800. If there is a match of 3 numbers in the 6 number draw then the reward is worth 601 and for the 7 number draw the reward deserves 330 - uk49s teatime results.

Take an appearance at the crucial features of this interesting lottery & learn more about why the UK 49s is among the most popular online lotteries attracts the world. The UK49s is a lotto draw that happens twice a day. Once in the afternoon and when at night.

Due to the structure of the UK 49s, there is no such thing as a rollover that will increase your returns for the next draw. UK 49 is developed on a pure chances structure nevertheless much you wager will figure out nevertheless much you win & absolutely nothing else. So, let's have a look deeper into the 2 day-to-day draws on this popular online lotto.

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